PAST EVENT - Writers in the Round

Presented by Matilda Duncan


A Songwriter's Round is a long and rich tradition amongst musicians all across the world. Held as a prestigious opportunity in musical communities, particularly in Nashville, the Round traditionally features four artists on stage together. Throughout the night the artists alternate in turn to perform one of their original works, encouraging each other to harmonise, accompany or just simply enjoy the performance along with the audience.

For the artist, it is a valuable and cherished opportunity to invite the audience and peers into their process and paint the full picture of their works (a chance often missed at a typical gig). The audience in turn is allowed a rare glance into the creative process behind some of their local favourite's music and into the mind of a songwriter.

An evening spent in the round involves audience participation, and fosters impromptu interaction and collaborations between the artist placed on stage; who may not typically cross paths. Sure to be filled with many magical, one-off moments, this event is an absolute must for music lovers and concert goers and musicians alike.

PAST EVENT - Writers in the Round


PAST EVENT - Writers in the Round (PG)

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PAST EVENT - Writers in the Round (PG)

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