Where can I find a copy of the program?

How do I find out the age restriction of a show?

Where are the events being held?

Can I bring alcohol to the Festival Hub?

Can I bring my own food to the Festival Hub?

Is there lost property at NAFA?

Can I perform at NAFA?

Will the event still be on if there is inclement weather?

Where can I park my car at the Festival?

What form of ID will I need?

Are there any items I cannot take to an Event?

Can I take my own video camera, photographic equipment and/or recording device into an event?

I want to provide feedback about NAFA

When should I arrive to see the show?

When will the 2024 program come out?

When does NAFA recruit staff?

When I try to enter my Password it says that it is incorrect

Why should I become a member?

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

What do I do if I have forgotten the email address I used to register?

Is the Member Area safe and secure?