PAST EVENT - Storytelling With Children

Presented by Nadia Sunde

Tour produced by Red Chair


Once upon a time... there was a grownup who wanted to make up stories for and with their little one. Wonder-filled stories that captured their imagination, their attention and their heart. Stories that helped them problem solve a worry, learn about their world or simply a story to make them giggle and feel loved.

Join master storyteller, published picture book author, and multi-award winning children’s songwriter, Nadia Sunde, as she shares practical strategies, tools and inspiration for creating magical story play experiences with the children in your life.

In this workshop participants will:

DISCOVER magic story seeds as a way to inspire creative ideas and as a tool for collaborating on improvised stories with young children.

GAIN a practical understanding of how to use props, puppets, simple instruments and recorded sounds to support story play experiences.

PRACTICE the art of asking the right questions to encourage child-led and collaborative storytelling.

EXPLORE the dynamics of their voice and how to effectively use vocal tone, colour and expression to share stories that engage, inspire and delight.

DISCOVER the hidden powers of posture, gesture, eye contact and simple movements as a storyteller extraordinaire.

UNLOCK their own innate creativity and confidence to craft story play experiences that are responsive, inclusive and wonder-full.

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PAST EVENT - Storytelling With Children


PAST EVENT - Storytelling With Children: Grownup Masterclass (G)

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PAST EVENT - Storytelling With Children: Grownup Masterclass (G)

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Strand Park
North Ward
QLD 4810

This Hexagon Tent is perfect for all acts, and has returned for it's 4th year at NAFA.