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“The respect she earns from her audience is proof enough that she is a gifted comedian, and a captivating raconteur and audiences should not delay in seeking out what she has to say” – Theatre Haus 2022.

Lisa Sharpe is making a name for herself as a masterful storyteller and this time you’re going to hear her ROAR! The gloves are off as she makes you laugh, cry and laugh again while she ducks and weaves through the biggest fight of her life, to figure out what keeps us getting up off the mat and who is really in our corner.

As a comedian it is on you to shift and move and weave to get the audience on your side, to listen, to laugh to be with you for the ride. There is a sweet spot where you can take them anywhere. Boxing is like that…Mohammad Ali said, “The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses, behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights”.

Comedy gigs are won or lost long before you walk on stage. It depends on how hard you’ve worked and prepared your bits, stories and punchlines, how honest you are, and how vulnerable you are willing to be.

“What I’ve learned about comedy, and life, is that there is something other than strength or heart that keeps us getting off the mat, when we get knocked down. For me, it’s about the people who are in my corner, and I only pick on the people I love. One thing I do know is, you don’t always win every round” – Lisa Sharpe.

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An intimate little venue perfect for those smaller shows where everyone feels like they are in the front row.