PAST EVENT - Not A Cult*

Presented by Counterpilot & Metro Arts


Counterpilot has a plan for each one of us, all you have to do is say yes. Are you ready to say yes today? You wouldn’t want to be a ‘No Person’, ‘Yes People’ are our kind of people... Following pseudo-inspirational instructions in a set of wireless headphones, participants will work together to stage an ensemble intervention, activating a public festival hub with acts of hope and disconcerting joy.

Before long, our army of good citizens have taken over the site, celebrating the day and spreading their message of “She’ll be right!” What if middle-class Australian values were in fact part of an extremist cult? With targets set on our classic aussie indifference, this work skewers the selective blindness that allows for our patriotism to persevere in the midst of broad injustice.

Fuelled by toxic positivity, multi-level marketing schemes, suspicious pentecostal power structures and the casual confidence of the silent majority. This is stinging satire masquerading as a real good time.

NOT A CULT* uses herd mentality and facilitated acts of play to conduct a whimsical impromptu flash mob, spreading false hope for the perseverant ‘okayness’ of our surrounding world. It’s time to have a go. Let’s all have a go together. Here we go...

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Not a Cult* is supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Metro Arts and Not a Cult* are supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, part of the Department of Environment and Science.

PAST EVENT - Not A Cult*


PAST EVENT - Not A Cult* (PG)

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PAST EVENT - Not A Cult* (PG)

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