PAST EVENT - Len Cook: Fire and Rain

Presented by Townsville City Galleries


Len Cook is one of Australia’s foremost woodfired potters, his latest exhibition, FIRE AND RAIN draws together nearly 80 artworks created over 40 years of ceramic practice with loans from public and private collections, as well as key works from the artist’s own collection.

Len first became interested in pottery when he moved to Townsville from Victoria in 1977 and joined the North Queensland Potters’ Association. The formative experience of attending a 10-day workshop convened by the Potters Association, led by Carl McConnell whose pottery style was inspired by Japanese techniques, reinforced Len’s excitement with traditional methods of firing.

The exhibition highlights the artists lifelong passion for wood-fired kilns and pots that are glazed by natural ash deposits over extended firing in traditional Japanese anagama (cave) kilns. Len Cook’s practice encompasses domestic ware, ceramic sculpture inspired by the coral forms of the Great Barrier Reef, and his anagama-fired work.

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PAST EVENT - Len Cook: Fire and Rain


PAST EVENT - Len Cook: Fire and Rain (G)

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PAST EVENT - Len Cook: Fire and Rain (G)


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