PAST EVENT - Disgraceful

Presented by Lucy Best


A one-woman cabaret show about a lifetime of behaving badly. Disgraceful is a hilarious journey into the life of a woman who is shamelessly disgraceful and always has been. Through a mix of storytelling, song, stand up, and sketch comedy, Lucy shares tales of her misspent youth, her ill-mannered childhood and her evident refusal to go quietly into middle age.

You may initially think that Lucy's disgracefulness is on par with many other mere mortals, but as the stories mount you'll realise that she takes it to Olympian levels. It's clear that Lucy Best is, and always has been, disgraceful and she has no intention of stopping any time soon. Lucy's upcoming 50th birthday has given her even more drive to take up space, be seen and heard and approach life without shame or regret, because as the Butthole Surfers said it's better to regret something you have done, than to regret something you haven't. Laugh with and at Lucy, who despite her very unusual life and upbringing, is surprisingly relatable.

You can even join in a couple of the songs if you choose (don't worry - audience participation is completely optional and kept to a minimum). After all... Who hasn't had sex with someone they barely knew, just because that person showed them some basic common decency? Who hasn't lied to their parents in order to seek out their tribe in dodgy parts of town? Who hasn't made money from nefarious activities and is probably lucky to be alive?

Tastefully outrageous... There is a vulnerability and self-consciousness in Best's storytelling that is both relatable and admirable... warmness, grace and sharp humour” – Arts Hub

A funny... in-your-face trip down memory lane. Lucy Best does what she does best - tells a story of 'getting your sh/t together'... or not.” – Weekend Notes

...very funny one-woman show... resolutely unapologetic or regretful... Best's delivery is surprisingly clean... consistently funny... Best's on-stage persona being especially warm and affable... slick delivery” – Jim Schembri

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PAST EVENT - Disgraceful


PAST EVENT - Disgraceful (MA15+)

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PAST EVENT - Disgraceful (MA15+)

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