PAST EVENT - Absolute Trash

Presented by Glitter Martini


One person's trash is another person's treasure!  Join the Queen of Trash, Natrasha Binit, and their riffraff group of circus artists for a delightful evening of Absolute Trash.

See incredible aerialists, contortionists more flexible than the governments idea of sensible climate policy, the hilarious adventures of our iconic bin chicken, and more at the trashiest show at NAFA!

Presented by Glitter Martini, Absolute Trash is an iconic and ironic celebration of all things garbage. A high energy night of ridiculous antics and high level circus performance, with chances for the audience to be involved in the fun, starting with our confessional text line for those brave enough to share their trashiest traits.

Absolute Trash is hilarious, sexy, puntastic, and surprisingly classy for a show about waste.” – Kristy Stanfield for Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

Expertly balanced between comedic skits and skilled specialist acts” – Isabel Davies for Theatre Haus

The circus acts are stunning, perfected and seem effortless” – Ofa Fanaika for Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane

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PAST EVENT - Absolute Trash


PAST EVENT - Absolute Trash (MA15+)

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PAST EVENT - Absolute Trash (MA15+)


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Strand Park
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QLD 4810

This Hexagon Tent is perfect for all acts, and has returned for it's 4th year at NAFA.